Negotiation videos & Presentations

Here are some of the videos/media I use in my Negotiation Class:


Prisoner’s Dilemma

Reactive Devaluation: Iceland accords:

Priming: Unscrambling keywords:

Storytelling with Visuals:


Distributive Bargaining: Batmobile

Interests vs. Positions

Ethics: Princess Bride (Andre the Giant fight):

Princess Bride fencing with Inigo Montoya (building trust and respect)

Princess Bride dealing with untrustworthy opponent (Venzini):

Concession Dance

Lie detection with Prof. Clark Freshman:

Mediator’s role: Wedding crashers opening:

Break Up: friend as mediator (directive, interested, checked out?):

JAMS Secret world of mediation:

Bad Mediation: BYU video:

Prezi Presentations