Negotiating with a Govt Entity

You are General Counsel to nonprofit Good Deeds Housing, Inc. Investigators from the state Fair Political Practices Commission are investigating whether the company violated campaign finance laws by reimbursing employees for donations. The investigators interviewed five of your ten employees. The five employees admitted to the investigators that Good Deeds Executive Director Mark Charisma gave them each $500 in cash to use for political contributions to County Supervisor Polly Purebread’s re-election campaign.  The investigators served subpoenas on all ten employees for their bank records.  On the subpoenas listed are Senior Commission Counsel Neal Bucknell and Special Investigator Jeffrey Kamizaki.
When interviewed, Charisma openly stated that he reimbursed all ten of his employees. Charisma mentioned that when he heard that the investigators visited the employees at home, he telephoned Kamizaki and called him a Nazi stormtrooper and warned him that he’d better back off because Charisma knows the Mayor.
The Board of Directors of Good Deeds want you to make this problem go away with minimal publicity. They have given you initial authority of $40,000.
You are to negotiate with Senior Commission Counsel Bucknell.