Corporate Counsel Who Tweet

In January 2014, I presented to 50+ corporate counsel about the career value of being active on social media.  With few exceptions, in-house don’t tweet.  And when they do, it’s usually about their personal life (kids, travels, foodieism).

Outside counsel, however, often share their views on the law and their practice.  For some, it’s a stream of press releases disguised as posts.  For some, its gastronomic voyeurism.

Given that C-suite executives are posting, in-house counsel should post and comment in order to build their brand and promote their company’s brand.   To do that, they’ll need to talk about the law or their work.

For those considering posting, here are a few senior in-house counsel who are active on social media:

Name Title Company Followers Twitter Handle Type of Posts
Alex Macgillivray Former General Counsel Twitter 30300  @amac Personal & Professional
Tim Yip Counsel Square 7387  @tyip Personal & Professional
Vijaya Gadde General Counsel Twitter 4411  @vijaya Personal + Official Tweets
Michelle Sherman Senior Corporate Counsel Farmers Insurance 1304 @mshermanesq Personal (very active)
Michael Yang General Counsel Pinterest 915 @mikeyang Half-personal/half-professional
Ramsey Homsany General Counsel Dropbox 874  @rhomsany Mostly retweets in 2014/Personal in 2013
Priya Sanger Corporate Counsel Google 544 @priyasanger Personal with a bit of professional
Chintan Amin Senior Counsel Bayer 255 @chintankamin Personal (sports/travel/kids)
Stephen Coates Chief Trademark Counsel Twitter 144  @trademarkninja Personal & Trademark-related posts
Brian Downing Director (Legal) Google 128  @brianrdowning Personal

Almost all of these folks are at social networking companies.  Amazingly, Michelle Sherman (Farmers) and Chintan Amin (Bayer) were very active on social media before they went in-house and haven’t slowed down.

If you know of other active in-house posters, please let me know and I’ll add them.  The number of followers was accurate on the date I added them to the list.  It might be higher or lower now.

Shirish Gupta is an award-winning mediator and arbitrator with JAMS. He’s active on social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and is doing his best to get the Judiciary and the Bar on board.
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